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About the artist:
Jon Ching was born and raised on the island of O’ahu, Hawai’i. He attended the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA where he earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering. After a few brief experiences in the engineering industry, he quickly realized it wasn’t his path and changed gears to pursue his creative passion for painting. Since then, Jon has been developing his painting process and techniques, refining his visual language. Inspired by the natural world and through detail-focused realism, Jon is as much studying the minute idiosyncrasies of flora and fauna as he is paying homage to it. Jon lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

This new series of paintings by Los Angeles artist Jon Ching came together from a number of different ideas. The resurgence of space exploration and prospects of living on another planet, the reality that we all live in bubbles, the current mass extinction crisis and the unprecedented rate of loss of so many animal and plant species. These thoughts and events in our current moment lead to the conclusion that we form enclosed spaces for ourselves to live in, keeping us safe and comfortable, protected from outside forces.

In these closed habitats, Jon used the protective aspects of bubbles and biospheres and applied that to the natural world. All of the species he chose to paint in this series are endangered. By enclosing them in these orbs, he hopes to give them a safe space, free from invasive and destructive forces that continue to threaten their existence. They serve to encapsulate and preserve their beauty and potential while also acknowledging their separation from the greater environment. In their safety sphere, they’re free to float away. 

This focus on endangered species is an ongoing theme in Jon’s work. Having spent a lot of time researching endangered species and learning about the extreme pressures the human world bears on the natural world, it’s almost impossible for him to focus on other subjects or themes. There is so much beauty that has all made it to this point in the long history of life on this planet, and at a certain level, the most he can do is capture that beauty before it’s gone.


"The mere innocence of the natural world is perhaps its greatest attribute, like the simplest stroke of the earth's most divine masterpiece."

Raymond J. Easton has specialized in paintings of North American birds for nearly three decades. The genre of birds, he says, has carved a niche for him in the diverse depths of the fine art community.
From the time he was very young until now, he has spent much of his life enjoying the natural world. It has been said that his creations combine a superb draftsmanship with the observational powers of a practiced naturalist, something that Easton prides himself as being.

Ray's accolades are numerous. His work has been labeled “world class” by experts in the field, and his paintings can be found in many private and corporate collections nationwide. 
He measures the success of each piece through the delicate execution of what he calls his three most important elements - light, composition and anatomy, and his goal has always been to impact the viewer with his end result product. 

Raymond J. Easton is a signature member of the Artists for Conservation Foundation, whose mission is to support wildlife and habitat conservation, biodiversity, sustainability and environmental education, through art that celebrates our natural heritage.

Born on a family farm in upstate New York, Justin Suarez is an artist who brings together the rural and the urban. Celebrating wildlife, he paints flora and fauna flawlessly over concrete and brick. The animals he paints come to life as the viewer is drawn into the world of the painting. With over 18 years experience, he has painted murals across the US, and his work has been exhibited around the world. Justin Suarez brings the intensity of a raptor to his artistic endeavors, as well as his work as valued handler of birds of prey at Wild Wings Animal Sanctuary outside Rochester, NY, he is able to capture the majesty of the natural world through his explosive graphics and remarkable technique. He also works well with humans, with a rich history of collaborating with other artists on a vast array of murals. He is responsible, punctual, a master of logistics and a born team player.


In the fall of 2015, Suarez co-founded Roc Paint Division, the City of Rochester’s Youth Mural Arts Program.” Roc Paint is just that and yet so much more. Under the leadership of local artists, Justin Suarez, Lisa Barker and Sarah Rutherford, Roc Paint Division’s mission was to beautify the city’s R-Centers through mural arts while providing employment and training opportunities to young developing artists. What developed through the initial 13-week pilot program in 2016 was nothing short of phenomenal. A team of seven youth created murals at 6 of the City’s R-Centers. The murals were unified by their common theme of growth, chosen in part to acknowledge the major role that the R-Centers play in the lives of the young people who spend time there during their formative years. The project not only provided the seven youth with work experience, it resulted in breath-taking artistic depictions of youth, energy and hope that glow like beacons from the corners of the community that they shine from.